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Celebrating 80 Years of Training Pilots: Jill Cole

Celebrating 80 Years of Training Pilots: Jill Cole

Jill ColeWe are proud to announce American Flyers is celebrating OVER 80 Years of service this spring! We began our journey OVER 80 Years ago by training pilots out of Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW). To this day, we continue to build a reputation of being the instrument-training specialists and Finish-Up experts.

Over the years, the aviation industry has experienced various changes, but our focus has steadfastly remained on providing our students tailored and individualized programs that best suit their needs. Throughout our history, we’ve been proud to help our students fulfill a variety of aviation dreams, whether that be for professional reasons or pleasure.

With the current shortage of career pilots, there are fewer flight training schools that are willing to provide tailored programs for students that are not necessarily wanting career training. At American Flyers, it’s our mission to continue our legacy. Our philosophy is that anyone who has the dedication and desire can be a pilot. We have a wide range of students training at each of our six facilities, and we are committed to helping with whatever goal it is that you wish to achieve. Our staff is top-notch when it comes to identifying the proper steps to get you to the finish line.

Every week we are told by our students how our flight school is different, how we take time and how our instructors invest personally in each student. I believe that comes from our hiring motto to hire passionate, patient training professionals. Janette Mason, a recent student from our Addison, Texas facility, commented, “It still blows my mind how these instructors are so knowledgeable.”

If you’ve always wanted to fly, are training to become a career pilot, or need recurrent training to keep your piloting skills sharp, come see what OVER 80 Years of experience can do for you. American Flyers has a long history of helping pilots just like you, and we would be honored to help you achieve your aviation goals.

Call one of our National Support Team members today and let them show you how easy it is to close the gap in your training. If you have paused your training for a season, it’s easier than you think to pick right up where you left off. Experience the freedom of flying today!