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Tim Perry

Flight Training Testimonials

Brimming with a combination of enthusiasm for his next flight and a dose of school-pride, Tim Perry, 22, of Los Angeles has been working hard toward his goal of becoming a career pilot. His dream began young, and he has worked hard to make it into a reality.

Tim recalled seeing aircraft overhead near his childhood home and thinking, “I wish I could do that.” Even as he grew up and began working, his dream never really left him. Having computer programming skills and a love for computers, Tim began searching for a job in the computer field, but most of his jobs turned out to be “dead ends,” he said.

However, in 1998, his dream came back in full force with the release of Flight Simulator ’98. “I just really got into it,” said Tim, explaining that he knew that this is what he wanted to do. Even though he was still looking for an ideal job as a programmer, Tim gradually began modifying his job search into a search for a flight school. Tim did find a job, but the prospect of learning to fly still kept him searching for the ideal flight school, and he found one in American Flyers.

In May 2008, Tim began flight training full-time while holding a full-time position as a security officer. After working third shift, Tim heads home for sleep, and by three in the afternoon, he is at the airport working on his lessons. With this hectic schedule, Tim earned his private pilot certificate in July and his instrument rating in September. Tim is currently working on his commercial license and he is eagerly anticipating his flight test.

While looking forward to an airline career in the future, he says, “I really want to instruct.” For right now, it’s one thing at a time.


Tim P.