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Student Interview: Palmer Currie DWH

Student Interview: Palmer Currie DWH

Pilot’s Digest: Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?

Palmer Currie: I was born and raised in Houston and grew up about 15 minutes from David Wayne Hooks Airport. Before I started training full time, I managed a GNC store. My mom owns a valet company and my dad cleans channel water here in Houston. Before flight training, I attended Texas State University and I lived in Austin for 3 years before I went to Texas State.


PD: How did you get into flying?

Currie: I was referred to flying by a friend. He was attending one of American Flyers’ competitor schools at the time but had mentioned American Flyers. I took an intro flight at both the competitor and American Flyers but you can tell which one I chose!


PD: How did you go about choosing a flight school? 

Currie: The discovery is what sold it to me! I really liked how personal everyone was at American Flyers and it didn’t feel like a pilot factory. It felt more personalized than the other school that I attended. 


PD: What made you choose American Flyers?

Currie: It felt like the instructors at American Flyers were so passionate about flying. I didn’t feel that at the other school I visited. I also felt that the instructors weren’t just building your flight time, but really teaching you. 


PD: How much outside studying did you have to put in during your time with AF?

Currie: I definitely studied a lot during my PPL. After transitioning into IRA/CAX, however, it was much more discussion-based with my instructors. When I am at the school with other students, it’s also more about discussing the topics rather than just textbook material. On average, I would say about 5-10 hours a week.


PD: What is your most memorable moment at American Flyers?

Currie: It was definitely when I went on my first solo in the pattern or on my first solo cross-country from KDWH to KLFK to KUTS and back to KDWH.


PD: Looking back, what advice would you give someone interested in starting pilot training?

Currie: Just do it. Try not to stress about it. And most importantly, when you do start, don’t stress about the training. It comes to you a lot quicker when you are practicing it every day. 


PD: What’s next for you?

Currie: Since I am nearing the end of my CAX program, I plan to attend the CFI academy in Addison or do my CFI 1:1 in Houston. My initial goal after meeting my hour requirements were the airlines, but after being at American Flyers, I am going to keep my options open.


PD: If you could fly anywhere, go to any flying destination, where would it be?

Currie: Alaska! Actually, Palmer, Alaska because that would just be funny.