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Featuring All: American Flyers Staff

Featuring All: American Flyers Staff

American Flyers is dedicating this issue of the Pilot’s Digest to all of our employees.  They have always been known as hard workers but this year, they went above and beyond.  To every instructor, mechanic, manager, NST member, fueler, customer service representative, intern, and members of our National staff, THANK YOU!  

Thank you for doing whatever it takes to ensure our customers and fellow team members remain healthy and safe.  Each employee has taken on the additional responsibility of cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms, equipment, and every surface in our office to ensure we were in compliance with CDC guidelines.

Also, thank you for providing the best customer service and the best flight instruction the industry has to offer.  Your hard work and dedication are unmatched.  Because of you, we have graduated 1000’s of happy customers.  We are who we are because of you.  We are proud of each and every one of you and hope that 2021 is your best year yet.

Thank you for all that you do for American Flyers and Happy Holidays, everyone! 


Addison, TX – North


Scottsdale, AZ


Addison, TX – South


Dallas, TX


Morristown, NJ


Pompano Beach, FL