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Featured Staff: Grecia Vargas

Featured Staff: Grecia Vargas

American Flyers is built around some of the best instructors the FAA has to offer, and Grecia Vargas is no exception. As the assistant chief flight instructor of our Pompano Beach location in Florida, Grecia leads a team of instructors focused on providing the highest level of education to our students.

At the age of six, Grecia was bitten by the aviation bug when she was invited into the cockpit of the airplane on which she and her family were traveling. From that day forth, there was no other option than becoming a pilot. In 2015, she moved from her home in Colombia to join the American Flyers airline academy program in Dallas, Texas. There, she earned her single and multi-engine commercial pilot certificates and instrument rating. Grecia was awarded the Airmanship and Excellence Award in recognition of her extraordinary work. 

She said, “It was during my training that I discovered how much I enjoyed and learned from teaching my classmates, so I decided to become a certified flight instructor. My goal is to promote aviation, specifically for women. We are only a small percentage of pilots, and I’d love to see that increase and be a part of that growth.”

In 2020, Grecia joined the team In Pompano Beach, Florida, where she quickly stood out as a phenomenal instructor and strong leader. In a short amount of time, she went from flight instructor to check airman and then to assistant chief flight Instructor. Not only does she lead and mentor a team of thirty flight instructors, but she also actively teaches in both single engine and multi-engine aircraft. Grecia is also known for doing her share of spin prevention and recovery lessons.

Words do not begin to express the gratitude American Flyers has for the tremendous work Grecia does for the company, its students, its instructors, and its staff. 

Grecia, thank you for everything you do and for giving it 100 percent day in and day out! You are the perfect example for current and future female aviators.