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Vagif Aliyev


Featured Staff: Vagif Aliyev

Featured Staff: Vagif Aliyev

Vagif Aliyev has been based at our Pompano Beach, Florida, facility since 2002. Before coming to American Flyers, Vagif had compiled an aviation resume that most would only dream about.

A graduate of the Kiev Institute of Civil Engineers, Vagif began his aviation career working for Aeroflot Airlines as a flight engineer on the Tu-154. Vagif eventually became a first class flight engineer, flight engineer on the Boeing 727, a flight inspector on the Tu-154-Boeing-727-Boeing 707, and was a member of the Azerbaijan Presidential flight crew from 1993 to 1996. He also was the lead A&P Mechanical Engineer and Deputy Director for Baku Airways in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Not long ago I asked Vagif why he and his wife left for the United States. His response was simple. He wanted a better life for his wife and kids. Since their arrival to the United States, Vagif has been a valuable member of the American Flyers family. He is our Pompano Beach Facility Manager and is responsible for the interior of each aircraft we fly. During every annual inspection our maintenance team carefully inspects each aircraft down to the fibers on the seat. If there is a tear in the seat, Vagif makes a new seat. If the headliner is sagging, Vagif makes a new headliner. If the carpet is torn, Vagif makes new carpet. Because of Vagif our aircraft look better than the day they came out of the factory.

Over the last 16 years, Vagif has made a better life for he and his family. He has also made American Flyers better with his unique skill set and through his hard work and dedication. We are proud to call him our friend. Thank you Vagif!