American Flyers currently owns and operates a fleet of over 50 aircraft that is spread out across our 6 locations and keeping them up to our standards takes a lot of hard work. But fortunately, we have a spectacular in-house maintenance team that makes sure each aircraft is constantly ready for flight. Someone who is dedicated to ensuring every member of our fleet meets the American Flyers standard is our national parts manager, Aaron Horton.

Aaron is responsible for finding, organizing, shipping, and replacing parts for our entire fleet of aircraft. He has built wonderful relationships with our parts vendors and knows just where to look when a mechanic asks for that hard-to-find part. Aaron has been with American Flyers since 2008. Originally from southern California, Aaron migrated to Dallas to work alongside our national maintenance team. Although not an A&P mechanic, Aaron knows everything there is to know about maintaining our airplanes.

What makes Aaron so special is his dedication to the people he works with and the company he works for. He’s a hard worker and loves helping people. He’s also a huge open-wheel racing fan and loves the Green Bay Packers and spending time with his family. When he’s not working hard at American Flyers, you’ll find him buying and selling antiques.

I’ve been told that a maintenance team is only as good as its’ parts manager, assuming that is true, we’ve got the best maintenance team in the industry.