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American Flyers Spotlight: Featured Instructors

American Flyers Spotlight: Featured Instructors

CFI at: Addison, TX – North (ADS)

My favorite part about being a CFI at American Flyers is definitely getting to meet new students and coworkers. Everyone comes from different walks of life and it creates a great atmosphere that makes working fun. Personally, I want to eventually be in the airlines, but I’m open to opportunities in the corporate side of aviation as well!


CFI at: Addison, TX – North (ADS)

My goal is to become an international pilot, but I also love being a CFI. My favorite part is getting the students to solo for the first time, and seeing the excitement on their face when they land is worth it. Getting them to that point however, is so easy because of the environment American Flyers has created there. It’s both a fun place to work with the tools necessary for students to succeed.



CFI at: Addison, TX – North (ADS)

I love being apart of the American Flyers community and the myriad of backgrounds people come from to share their common goal of becoming a pilot. Being from Hawaii, I love to travel. That’s why my goal after being a CFI is to fly for ANA (All Nippon Airways) in Japan!




CFI at: Addison, TX – North (ADS)

The excitement on a student’s face when something clicks for them is my favorite part of training new pilots. And getting to work with the students at all levels of training is something that definitely keeps me sharp! In terms of my future goals, I just obtained my MEI last month and am looking forward to continuing flight instruction hopefully at a major airline!




CFI at: Addison, TX – North (ADS)

Being able to see the same kind of passion that I have, grow within new students and be by their side through each level of their progression is such a rewarding experience. In addition, working for American Flyers is filled with like-minded people who all want what’s best for the next generation of pilots. For myself, my ultimate goal in aviation is to become a captain for a major airline after being a CFI.



CFI at: Addison, TX – North (ADS)

American Flyers is a great environment for both working and schooling. I did all of my training here and now teach here as a CFI-I! I absolutely love the joy and excitement students get the first time they experience the wheels coming off the ground. Nothing beats the feeling of self-accomplishment when a student achieves their first solo flight!