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Kasey King


Featured Staff: Kasey King

Featured Staff: Kasey King

Kasey King is a graduate of Western Michigan University and American Flyers’ 30-Day Flight Instructor Academy in Addison, TX. After completing the academy, Kasey King started teaching for us in Addison. After a few months of instructing, he volunteered to leave Dallas to help instruct at our school in Morristown, NJ. He returned to Texas – just in time to avoid the northern winter – where his experience made him an ideal candidate to become one of our Check Instructors, providing quality control and oversight to our pilot courses.

Two years ago, Kasey was promoted to one of the Addison school’s Chief Pilots, where his contagious energy and aviation know-how could help guide and mentor new flight instructors as well as continue to guide students’ programs. After another year, Kasey was asked to permanently relocate to Morristown to serve as the primary Chief Pilot, and this past spring Kasey became the Morristown School Director. He also currently serves on American Flyers’ National Safety Board, where he contributes to American Flyers’ commitment to safety planning and management in all our schools.

Kasey is one of the most positive and exuberant pilots you will ever meet.

Whether on the phone behind the Director’s desk or in person walking through the school and on the flight line, Kasey’s passion for flying and teaching excellence is palpable, making him an invaluable asset to the American Flyers family.

Stop by Morristown Airport this winter – get out of the cold – and come say “hello” to Kasey King.m