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American Flyers Spotlight: Featured Instructors

American Flyers Spotlight: Featured Instructors

JoanDwyerAmericanFlyersDrew Lauth
CFI at: Houston, TX (DWH)

Working with American Flyers has many perks but one of my favorite is the community! Both the CFI and management teams have the best people who have been at KDWH since I was a student back in 2015! That makes it all the more rewarding to be an instructor now and get to see the love and passion that future pilots have for aviation!

PMP Mateo Gomez

Mateo Gomez
CFI at: Pompano Beach, FL (PMP)

My favorite part of training new pilots is getting to see their progress as pilots and their satisfaction when they achieve their goals. One of my goals actually is to become an airline pilot and learn as much as I can on the way! And American Flyers makes that happen by being a very organized and professional environment where safety is taken seriously at every level.

ADSN Colten Baker Featured

Colten Baker
CFI at: Addison, TX – North (ADS)

I love training new pilots and getting to see the process they go through from day one to their first solo, and finally to when they achieve their first certificate. As both a graduated American Flyers student and now an instructor, it is amazing to be at a flight school surrounded by people who continually care about you and your progress. I’m excited to one day fly for an airline and share the joy of flight and travel with my future family and children.


Abigail Balme
CFI at: Addison, TX – South (ADS)

Giving back to their students and CFIs is my favorite part of working for American Flyers. I too love to give back to the pilots I’m training and be a part of their success after all their hard work. My current goal in aviation is to enjoy the adventure and thrill of seeing the world from a perspective not many people are able to. I can’t wait to one day own my own plane with my husband!

SDL Peter Mare

Peter Mare
CFI at: Scottsdale, AZ (SDL)

I come from a family of public servants. I’m the son of a paramedic and trauma nurse who raised me in a household that helps others. So naturally, my aviation goal is to fly an airplane that serves a common good, like a medevac. But until then, I love taking first timers up in the sky and molding them into a proficient, safe pilot that can fly the airplane solo. It’s exciting for me and even more exciting for the student!


Gershon Vegh
CFI at: Morristown, NJ (MMU)

The structured environment within all the programs at American Flyers sets them above the competition in my opinion and getting to share a new pilot’s excitement in their journey really makes my job so rewarding. I am currently working towards my
tailwheel endorsement and to eventually work for a major airline.