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Interview with Jack Goldberg

Interview with Jack Goldberg

By Pilot’s Digest

Pilot’s Digest: When did you start flight training?
Jack Goldberg: I started my Private Pilot training in early January of 2016.

PD: Why did you pick American Flyers for flight training?
JG: My mom bought me an Introductory Flight for my birthday because she knew I had always wanted to be a pilot, but I didn’t really know how to get started. She always wants the biggest and the best, so that’s why she chose American Flyers.

PD: What are you goals in aviation?
JG: If I could have my dream job, it would be an astronaut. For now, my goal is to get my CFI, degree and eventually become an airline pilot.

PD: How does it feel to be in high school and already have your commercial certificate?
JG: It’s a weird feeling. My friends and classmates are looking at schools, trying to figure out what degrees they want to pursue or which schools have the best parties while I already have it figured out. I feel accomplished. The last two years feels like I accomplished so much more compared to the first 16 years of my life. The last two years have felt like a lifetime with achieving so much of my goal already.

PD: What is your best experience at American Flyers?
JG: Well, I can’t pick just one! The obvious one was my first flight. We flew south along the East Coast at night. We stayed at 700 feet, and being able to see the night lights was a new experience that blew me away. The second is a night flight I did to Melbourne, Florida. We were cruising at 9,000 feet with no moon and not a single cloud in the sky. It was the perfect condition to see the Milky Way; the view captivated me. This solidified my love for night flights. Last but not least was my true cross-country flight to Addison, Texas. I was part of the team to fly the planes out of Florida to avoid Hurricane Irma.

PD: Tell me more about your flight to Texas.
JG: I had never experienced a true cross-country flight. To be honest, I had never flown out of the state of Florida. This was my first real world flying experience, and I am 10 times the pilot because of it. It was a serious mission because of the hurricane coming in, but we had a blast being up there with fellow pilots.

PD: If you could go back and do any part of your training over again, what would it be?
JG: At first, I wished I would have done my instrument training in the G-1000. I wanted to have more time in the glass cockpit, but the more I reflect on it now, I realize it was the best decision. It made me a much better pilot learning to fly instruments using the 6-pack.

PD: What was the hardest part of your training?
JG: Definitely my Commercial. The transition from IFR to VFR flying was harder than I thought. It was challenging to remember to look outside while doing Chandelles and Lazy 8’s. Then one day when I was up with my instructor, Josh Reyes, it all just clicked.

PD: Any advice for future or current students?
JG: Never get out of flying. Always keep flying on your mind. Thinking about flying keeps you thirsty and keeps you motivated. Chair fly and study with all your spare time. Just stay immersed in aviation.

PD: Anything else you want to add?
JG: Some of my greatest memories have been at American Flyers. I’m the only pilot in my family, the only person I know with more than a Private Pilot Certificate. I love just being at American Flyers with a true aviation community.


“The last two years feels like I accomplished so much more compared to the first 16 years of my life.”