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Proficiency & Recurrent Training


Currency and proficiency are not the same. While both have similar definitions and compliment each other, neither one replaces the need for the other. To legally fly under FAA Regulations, a pilot must remain current, meaning that they have met the requirements corresponding with the certificate and rating they hold within a specified timeframe. Being current, does not mean you are proficient. Proficiency training develops the confidence, aeronautical decision-making skills and good judgement required to handle any variety of situations you might find yourself in when flying. When it comes to proficiency, quality beats quantity.


American Flyers is your co-pilot for life whether it be for your flight review to stay current or your advanced training to become more proficient. American Flyers can customize a program to your schedule or specific skill set.


American Flyers can prepare you to complete your instrument proficiency check or customize a refresher course based on your personal needs, whether it is to remain current or simply to stay confident in your Pilot-In-Command capabilities. Whether you need to work on charts and cockpit weather, more time in the simulator, or one-on-one practice with a flight instructor on instrument landing procedures, American Flyers is here to help.


The Wings Program is known across the industry to promote pilot proficiency training to support the continued training and skills development required to be a fully-competent pilot. Quantity of flight hours alone, is not enough to prepare you for all the variables you might encounter while flying in air or landing a plane. Reviewing and refreshing your knowledge and skills is just as important as flying and American Flyers is here to support your ongoing proficiency training.

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In the event of an emergency, the Pinch Hitter Course is designed to teach NON-PILOTS how to save the day. While this course does not train you to be a certificated pilot, American Flyers fully prepares you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to act as an emergency replacement pilot.\



Add your Multiengine rating to your current Private or Commercial Certificate in as little as 3 days.

Private Multiengine

Add your Multiengine Rating to your Single Engine Instrument Rating or VFR Multiengine Certificate with our 3-4 day course.

Commercial Multiengine

If you already have your FAA Single Engine Commercial Pilot Certificate you can add your Multiengine Rating on in as little as 3 days.

Instructor Multiengine

Add your MEI to your Flight Instructor Certificates in as little as 4 days.


American Flyers can develop a custom program just for you whether you need to regain currency, refresh your skills or are interested in advancing your skills in a specific area.