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Pinch Hitter


In the event of an emergency, the Pinch Hitter Course is designed to teach non-pilots how to save the day. While this course does not train you to be a certificated pilot, American Flyers fully prepares you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to act as an emergency replacement pilot.

Most non-pilots do not like to fly in small airplanes because they are unsure of how things work.  The Pinch Hitter Course provides enough information to make flying fun for everyone, by ensuring that both the pilot and the non-pilot are comfortable flying.  This is also a great course for safety purposes just in case of an emergency.  

Pinch Hitter Course Focuses on Emergency Procedures:

  • Basic skills to fly safely, controlling altitude and direction of flight.
  • GPS Navigation to track where they are and where they need to go for emergency landing
  • ATC Communication to track radials and comply with ATC instructions
  • Landing the Plane under varying weather condition
Pinch Hitter

If you regularly fly with another non-pilot, such as your spouse, friend, child or business associate, consider the benefits of an emergency back-up pilot. Aviation safety and preparedness should never be taken for granted and should always be front-of-mind.