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Letter From the President of American Flyers: Jill Cole | Oct-Sep 2018

Letter From the President of American Flyers: Jill Cole | Oct-Sep 2018

IMG_0330_JillMany of our readers have heard about the exciting changes within our industry from a career training standpoint. We are proud we’ve had the opportunity to impact the aviation world for nearly over 80 Years and we remain dedicated to being the leader in aviation education, shaping the flight training industry through career and personal training. By focusing on our core values of customer service, a training schedule designed to meet our customers’ needs and our structured curriculum, we’re able to
achieve the training goals of all of our students.

American Flyers started as instrument flying experts in 1939 – being the first flight training school to utilize simulators in our curriculum to help students practice in the simulator, perfect in the airplane and fly safer. Our sustained commitment to the personal aviation industry includes training in Private Pilot and Instrument Pilot courses, while also providing refresher training for those who need some review to continue flying with confidence. We continue to train more Certified Flight Instructors for general aviation than anyone else through our CFI Academy program that’s been a part of the industry for over 25 years!

Our philosophy is that anyone can become a pilot if given the proper training. In fact, many of our graduates are students that contacted us, frustrated and discouraged after not advancing at other flight schools – citing things like lack of instructor availability, scheduling challenges or aircraft being unavailable. There is nothing more upsetting than wanting to accomplish a goal, only to see it as unattainable because of factors outside of your control. The benefits of our experience, structured training environment and the knowledge we’ve gained over the past over 80 Years mean we know what it takes to get someone to the finish line and achieve their training goal – we’ve earned an industry-wide reputation as the “finish-up” experts.

If you’ve dreamed of becoming a professional or personal pilot, consider us your partner in your aviation journey. With six locations across the United States and our dedication to your success, we look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Jill McCormack Cole, President