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Featured STAFF MEMBER: Josh Netter

Featured STAFF MEMBER: Josh Netter

By Andrew Henley

Josh Netter has been with American Flyers since 2021. I remember sitting down with him during his interview. I found him to be charismatic, extremely intelligent, and passionate about flight training. At the time, Josh was assisting in the management of a flight school/135 operator in Louisiana. Before that, Josh worked for Cirrus where he assisted in the delivery of purchased airplanes.  He is a seasoned aviator, holding a commercial certificate with an instrument rating. He was looking for a company that offered long-term growth with a fun working environment. We spent a couple of hours talking and after I left the meeting, I said to myself, “We need to hire him as soon as possible.”  

Thankfully, Josh accepted the position and immediately began working side by side with Kasey King, our school manager in Pompano Beach, FL. Our goal was to mold Josh into an American Flyers manager so that he could take on the leadership responsibilities at another one of our locations. While he was working with Kasey, we saw, firsthand, that Josh is a very hard worker. He is not afraid to put in the effort that is required to take care of our instructors and students. We also saw that Josh is a voracious reader. While in training, Josh read through our FAA regulations so that he understood everything he needed to know about our programs. 

In April of this year, a management opportunity became available when then Scottsdale manager, Mike Nagel, became the manager of our Addison South location. On April 1st, Josh officially became the manager of our Scottsdale location. His arrival is even more exciting since we will be relocating to a brand-new facility at the Scottsdale airport beginning in January of 2023. 

When Josh is not working you might find him playing lacrosse or reading a book. He is an important part of the American Flyers team, and we are excited to see how he will build and grow our facility in Scottsdale. Josh, thank you for becoming a member of the team and for all your hard work. We look forward to working with you for years to come!