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Featured STAFF MEMBER: Magda Bol

Featured STAFF MEMBER: Magda Bol

Magda Bol is a remarkable individual who truly embodies the values and qualities that any employer would want on their team. Hailing from South Sudan, Magda’s journey to success has been marked by hard work, determination, and a passion for education.

Having received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Lynn University, Magda’s educational background is a testament to her dedication to personal growth and development. Her academic achievements have equipped her with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in her role as school director for the American Flyers flight school in Scottsdale, Arizona. As director, she ensures that the Scottsdale school operates smoothly and efficiently.

However, it is not just Magda’s educational accomplishments that make her an exceptional employee. It is her remarkable attitude that sets her apart. Magda has an unwaveringly positive outlook, always approaching her work with enthusiasm and a smile. Her ability to maintain a great attitude even in challenging situations is not only a testament to her strength of character but also serves as an inspiration to her colleagues.

Furthermore, Magda’s outgoing and charismatic nature is evident in her interactions with both staff and students. Her friendly demeanor and approachability create an inviting and welcoming atmosphere within the school, fostering an environment conducive to learning and growth. Magda’s charm and charisma make her a natural-born leader, able to influence and motivate her team to achieve remarkable results.

Despite her active schedule, Magda consistently finds time to care for her employees. She genuinely values their well-being and professional growth, often going above and beyond to ensure they feel supported and valued. Whether through regular check-ins, mentorship opportunities, or resources for personal development, Magda’s commitment to her colleagues does not go unnoticed. This genuine care and concern for her team contributes to a positive work environment, where employees feel appreciated and motivated to perform their best.

Magda, we appreciate all you do for American Flyers! Keep up the great work.