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Featured Staff: Kat Grossert

Featured Staff: Kat Grossert

Kat Grossert has been an indispensable part of American Flyers since 2002. She is a graduate of the American Flyers’ CFI Academy in Pompano Beach, Florida. As a student in the Academy, Kat was recognized for her warm heart, knowledge and enthusiasm for aviation. For those reasons, and many, many more, she was recruited to work for American Flyers as a Flight Instructor.

During Kat’s time as a Flight Instructor, we quickly identified that she had many unique talents. Kat is a professional graphic design artist and pays incredible attention to detail. Both of these traits caught the attention of our National Safety Board who are directly responsible for creating the content in our Flight Manuals. If you didn’t already know, American Flyers writes all of our own manuals. Writing and updating manuals is a huge undertaking and by no means an easy task, both from a content and graphic design perspective. Kat, however, has done a wonderful job of updating the manual content, while also providing great graphics that give the students a perfect visual to match the material. She makes this all look easy, and without her, our manuals would not be the same.

Kat has also been involved in our online Flight Instructor Course (FIRC). American Flyers processes around 1,500 online applications each month for recurring CFI’s. As an ACR, Kat has processed over 100,00 applications with a less than 1% return rate. That’s attention to detail!

If you were to ask Kat about her greatest accomplishments—she has many — she would tell you that they are her two kids. Kat enjoys spending quality time with her family and is very active in her church. On top of being an accomplished aviator and educator, Kat is also an ordained minister. She really is capable of
doing it all!

Kat, your American Flyers family thanks you for all that you do and for being a wonderful role model for women in aviation.