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Featured Staff: Eduardo Jimenez

Featured Staff: Eduardo Jimenez

FeaturedStudentJimenezIn our history as American Flyers, we have been blessed to have many wonderful, long-term employees. From instructors, to operations staff, to mechanics, there are many people over the years
that have contributed to the overall success and longevity of this company. I, myself, have had the pleasure of traveling with and getting to know one such person, Eduardo Jimenez.

Eduardo Jimenez started out with this company as a student 33 years ago at our Pompano Beach facility. It was then that he applied for our internship program so that he could earn different scholarships to help finance his training. While working as an intern, it became clear that he had a knack for sales, specifically in international markets. Over the past 20 years, Eduardo has been vital in the development of our Global Airline Academy, where we take students from all over the world and train them to become airline pilots. With this experience under his belt, he helped to successfully create a training program that meets the requirements of each individual country. He has also dedicated his time traveling to Central and South America to host informational seminars. It is at these seminars that he educates students on the benefits of training in the United States at American Flyers. Not only does Eduardo use his global life experiences to connect with the variety of international cultures of our students, he also keeps his finger on the pulse of the aviation industry in those countries.

There is no doubt that Eduardo’s approach is unique. In fact, if you were to ask him, he would say he doesn’t even consider himself a salesperson. His number one goal each time he speaks with
a prospective student is primarily to educate them. I’ve been on countless trips with him and have watched him stand up for hours answering questions and explaining to families the benefits of
training at American Flyers. In addition to that, he also takes the individual time to explain to each family what to expect from a flight school, should their child wish to prepare for a career in aviation. Eduardo truly has a passion for helping families make the right choice, which is apparent in everything he does.

At his core Eduardo is a family man, so when he is not traveling internationally for seminars, he enjoys spending time in the comfort of his home with his wife, Monica, and his two daughters, Sofia and Nicole.

American Flyers and our students are grateful for Eduardo’s passion for the program and his dedication to every student he has helped mold into incredible pilots. For our company, he is one of the main pillars that has made American Flyers such a success over the years and we are proud to call him family!