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Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition

Once a year American Flyers’ managers, Chief Pilots and many national staff members gather together in Dallas, Texas, for a few days of comradery, education and recognition of key employees who have made a huge difference to American Flyers over the past year.

We were able to honor Sharon McCormack and her caring efforts for all our schools. Whether it’s ordering furniture, getting pictures framed, ordering logo rugs, finding and shipping furniture or overall problem solving for our facilities, Sharon has taken care of American Flyers and our employees for over 40 years. We were proud to present her with a Tiffany necklace as a small token of our appreciation. Sharon we can’t thank you enough for all you do for American Flyers.

Eduardo Jimenez, who leads our international recruitment efforts, was honored with The Eagle Award for Excellence in Sales. Eduardo has worked with American Flyers for more than 30 years and has been key to our market growth with international students. A former “intern” at our Pompano Beach, Florida, school where he started with American Flyers many years ago, a student in Fort Worth, Texas, and leader of our international team, Eduardo was honored for the inspiration he provides to the entire international team and American Flyers.

Rick Farmer, our National Director of Maintenance, was honored with a gold coin. The American Eagle Gold Coin award is a tradition started long ago in American Flyers, designed to honor those employees who go above and beyond. Rick’s efforts in maintenance during the past year, his ability to stay calm in the face of an ever-changing industry as it relates to maintenance, his recommendations regarding safety of our fleet and his dedication to American Flyers make Rick worthy of this recognition.

Colin Gonzales, part of our National Support Team, was honored with a gold coin for his efforts in supporting American Flyers with SEVIS (Student & Exchange Visitor Information System), TSA (Transportation Security Administration) and VA (Veterans Administration). Colin’s dedication to making sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed allows our National Support Team and managers to focus on customer service and student programming.

Chris Higa, our National Support Team coordinator, received the Excellence in Leadership award for his dedication to our National Support Team. As this team grows, Chris’ ability to support each team member and our local schools is something for which we are very thankful.

Heidi Jimenez, our International Recruitment Team member and social media whiz was honored with a gold coin for her efforts in building our international social media pages and for her efforts in recruitment through that medium. Heidi is an incredibly outgoing team member who loves a challenge and approaches each prospect with a can-do attitude.

Stacy Goulding, our Chief Pilot in Addison, Texas – North, received the Chief Pilot award for her contributions with SIP (Senior Instructor Pilot) and instructor development. Although new to her role and still growing with the support of our NSB (National Safety Board) and national Chief Pilots, Stacy’s dedication in this area is helping shape our new instructors.

Kasey King, our Pompano Beach manager, received a gold coin for his efforts and dedication to providing support to American Flyers through training our managers and administrative interns. Kasey and the Pompano Beach team under his direction help prepare our managers and administrative interns by providing education on American Flyers systems. We are thankful for Kasey’s support in this area.

Thank you to all of our employees for all that you do.