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Don’t Be a “Wannabe” Pilot… Finish Up!

Don’t Be a “Wannabe” Pilot… Finish Up!

Everyone who starts any sort of pilot training fully intends on finishing what they’ve started so they can go flying. Flying is the dream and flight training is the path to the dream, or the means to an end. “Means to an end“ is usually a phrase we use to describe a less than enjoyable experience that will pay off in the long run. And as much fun as the journey to certification can be, most of us see flight training as the means to an end, where the end is becoming a certified pilot. In this case, however, I’d like to think that the “means” is a rewarding experience in which you have the opportunity to learn.

Last year, there were 50,000 student pilot certificates issued; we might say there were 50,000 people that were serious enough in their decision to pursue flight training, that took the proper steps to get a student pilot certificate. However, of the 50,000 student pilots only 16,500 completed their goal, and earned their private pilot certificate.

The good news is that 3 out of 10 people completed their goal. So what happened to the other 7 people who did not? Well, for starters, some people won’t necessarily finish their training in the same year as they received their student pilot certificate. Some will have “life” get in the way. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these “wannabe” pilots are let down by the very people who are supposed to educate and motivate them. That is the training process and in many cases the training environment becomes averse to learning, and they become disenfranchised with the process and simply quit. Ironically, these same people have selected schools or instructors that they perceived to be “cheaper” or “faster.”

By the time they realize this reality they have already quit. Lucky for them, this is where American Flyers comes in. We not only understand their frustration; we have been catering to these “wannabe” pilots for over 75 years.

The majority of our customers have already experienced the frustrations of flight training – scheduling, lack of organization, aircraft maintenance issues – at a local school, but instead of quitting on their dreams of flight, they come to one of our locations so we can either get them back on track, or help them finish what they have started.

Every finish–up program is as unique as each pilot. These programs are custom tailored to the individual and structured around two goals: completing all FAA requirements, and gaining the proficiency needed to become certified. As far as duration and scheduling, just like the program composition, it is going to depend on the individual pilot. With some people, it’s a regular schedule that can fit around their current work and family commitments; with others, it is a full–time program; maybe a long weekend or two in which they can just buckle down and get it done. We have the tools and personnel that specialize in doing this so that the student is never left wondering if they will ever finish. We ensure that they do.

Does any of this sound familiar? Is this something you have heard pilots complain about? Do you know someone that is dealing with this? Does this sound like you?

If so, call American Flyers today and let us put together a program for you. Let us help you finish what you’ve started, so you can stop dreaming and finally achieve your aviation goals.