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Bruce Lemoine
From: Colleyville, Texas
CFI at: Addison, TX – North (ADS)

I am currently working towards my commercial MEI certification while I am a CFI. My favorite part about teaching is seeing students learn new concepts and techniques that will make them safer pilots and, watching it all click when they finally get it. I’ve accomplished all my flight training at American Flyers and my goal is to one day fly with my father at American Airlines before he retires.

Santiago Conde
From: Dallas, TX
CFI at: Addison, TX – South (ADS)

One of the great things about being a CFI at American Flyers is being a part of the team. They are fun and supportive. Also, having an onsite maintenance team who takes great care of every plane makes me always feel safe in the air. My goal is to become a commercial airline pilot. It’s always exciting to help and see a student pass their first checkride.

Caroline Pruitt
From: United Kingdom
CFI at: Houston, TX (DHW)

I want to continue expanding my knowledge in aviation to eventually work for a major airline. I love helping our students go from no experience to achieving their goals. The organized curriculum American Flyers offers creates a clear path to success. I am currently working towards my Multi-Engine certification.

Kyle Helmke
From: Tucson, AZ
CFI at: Scottsdale, AZ (SDL)

I am currently working towards my MEI certification while teaching as a CFI. My goal is to be contracted by the Military as a pilot. I enjoy helping students overcome the various obstacles in their program. As a checkride instructor, I get to work with new instructors so they can better help their students to gain the skills for a successful career in aviation.

Amos Ankrah
From: Glouster, OH
CFI at: Pompano, FL (PMP)

My goal is to become a commercial airline pilot one day. I enjoy being a CFI for American Flyers and watching the new pilots progress throughout their courses. Starting from knowing nothing to being competent pilots is exciting and rewarding.

Dan Wallace
From: Kent, England
CFI at: Morristown, NJ (MMU)

Initially my goal in aviation was to work for a major airline, but I could also see myself working as a corporate pilot. I was inspired by pilots in my family to become a pilot, which is why I love inspiring students in their own careers. I like working at American Flyers because it has a sense of family and I get to work with other instructors who I was formerly a student with.