American Flyers Spotlight: Featured Instructors

CFI at: Addison, TX – South (ADS-S)

The best part of training new pilots is the thrill that comes with it. Whether it’s a first-time pilot, or one completing their commercial training, nothing is better than when a student passes their check-ride they’ve worked so hard for, and knowing you helped. My favorite part of American Flyers is the instructors I get to work with. We all have so much to learn from each other which allows me to grow every day! I’m also currently looking forward to earning my seaplane ratings!



CFI at: Houston, Texas (DWH)

There are many reasons why working with American Flyers feels less more like a hobby than a job, but the best is working with a great group of instructors and colleagues to develop the students into strong, safety-oriented aviators. And my favorite part of it is being able to see their confidence and skills grow as they experience the thrill of flying.



CFI at: Morristown, NJ (MMU)

I enjoy working at American Flyers because they provide all of the tools and resources necessary for me to succeed and be the best instructor I can be for the students. Although I enjoy training new pilots and helping a variety of students progress towards their goals, my ultimate goal would be to fly for United Airlines.



CFI at: Addison, TX – North (ADS-N)

The camaraderie and support I receive from the other instructors, mechanics, and operations team really makes working with American Flyers so refreshing. Everyone works together. But my favorite part about being an instructor is getting to see students in their first flights, solos, and actual IMC conditions. The smiles they create are priceless! I plan to start my multi-engine add-on soon.



CFI at: Scottsdale, Arizona (SDL)

My favorite thing about training new pilots is helping the students achieve their own aviation goals by building a program and seeing it through. At American Flyers though, my favorite part is having great resources and experienced instructors on our National Safety Board to help build great programs. In the future, I hope to finally finish my multi-engine add-on!



CFI at: Pompano Beach, Florida (PMP)

What makes instructing most satisfying for me is not just teaching the student, but learning from them as well. I strive to never give up on students and stay humble, just as my instructor was with me. I have always daydreamed about taking my family and friends to various destinations (like landing on a lake) with my own small aircraft, so I am looking forward to my seaplane rating!