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American Flyers Spotlight: Featured Instructors

American Flyers Spotlight: Featured Instructors

From: Mount Pocono, PA
CFI at: Morristown, NJ (MMU)

I am starting my Multi-Engine add-on while teaching as a CFI. My goal is to become a pilot for a commercial airline to eventually fly the 787-Dreamliner. The best part about teaching is seeing my students fly for the very first time. Everyone is always willing to share a word of advice which is especially helpful for new CFIs such as myself.


From: Sherman, TX
CFI at: Addison, TX – South (ADS)

My main goal in aviation is to become a commercial pilot and fly wide-bodied aircraft internationally. My next step is to work towards the ATP-CTP certification. I enjoy watching the students when they earn a new certificate. I love working with American Flyers as I consider them family with great camaraderie.


From: Werne, Germany
CFI at: Pompano, FL (PMP)

My goal is to become a long-haul cargo pilot and one day fly a heavy aircraft to my home country, Germany. I enjoy watching students develop into safe and professional pilots with the tools I’ve shared throughout their training. The students and staff make being a part of American Flyers a memorable experience.



From: Flagstaff, AZ
CFI at: Scottsdale, AZ (SDL)

I look forward to becoming a cargo or airline pilot one day. I am looking to start my Multi-Engine training soon. Watching the confidence grow within a student after their first solo flight is rewarding and it is a fun change of pace. I truly enjoy being a part of the American Flyers family because everyone is friendly and eager to help with any questions or concerns.


From: Floresville, TX
CFI at: Houston, TX (DWH)

My goal is to travel the world while working for a major airline. One of my favorite parts of teaching is seeing the spark hit when a student understands a concept that they have been trying to understand for a lesson or two. I like working for American Flyers because all the instructors are standardized in teaching, it makes me feel we are all in sync.


From: Fenton, LA
CFI at: Addison, TX – North (ADS)

I am working to become an airline captain one day. The joy and accomplishment students experience when they grasp a new concept is rewarding. My favorite part about training however, is watching students pass a new milestone. At American Flyers I am surrounded by some really amazing people with a common goal.