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American Flyers Group-Centered Learning Academies

American Flyers Group-Centered Learning Academies

American Flyers’ academies are based upon group-centered learning. Each course is made up of a group of students that all have one major thing in common: their love for flying. Students are often taught together in the classroom, providing them with the opportunity of studying together and helping each other learn. The purpose of the academy is to educate through camaraderie and the unique experiences of each student. American Flyers currently has three academy programs: our CFI-A (15 day), a CFI-A & CFI-I (30 day), and the American Flyers Airline Academy (which can take up to 10 months). These natural progressions and group dynamics are what make the academy-concept course effective, efficient, and fun for the class.

CFI-A and the CFI-A/I Academies
Our Certified Flight Instructor academies prepare you for your CFI-A or CFI-A and CFI-I check rides. Everyone who enrolls in one of these programs is already a certified commercial pilot with an instrument rating, a valid medical certificate and CFI-A, CFI-I and FOI writtens passed.

Aside from the standardized curriculum in which each lesson builds on the previous, the team environment is an often overlooked valuable element of training. Putting all of these pilots together brings about one tremendous benefit—the varying levels of student experience that go into the CFI academies. The person a week off their check ride, while lacking the know-how and practice of the more seasoned pilot, needs help with real-life examples.

The seasoned pilot might not have some of the fresh regulatory knowledge that the brand new pilot has because their last check ride was in ‘84, so they need a reminder. The military pilot can talk about RVR and TACAN and other terms that 100% GA pilots just gloss over. The benefits and trade-offs go on and on. The academy is a team that works together and draws on everyone’s strengths for the benefit of the group.

American Flyers Airline Academy
Our academy takes future pilots from square one and allows them to earn their professional pilot credentials. In this course, you will gain the skills to pass your Private, Instrument, Commercial, Multiengine, CFI-A and CFI-I. From start to finish, you gain the critical knowledge necessary for a successful career as a professional pilot.

Although this academy is mostly comprised of aviation newbies, the same student fellowship exists; our airline academy still benefits from the mosaic of life-experience and time-tested certainties. We train students of all ages and various levels of experience looking, which gives way to having one group that is very comfortable with standardized, multiple-guess, written tests and another group that is more comfortable practical evaluations. Once again, each group can help the other when it comes to overcoming that part of the training that is more difficult to them.

While academy classmates may not initially have previous aviation experience to lend to the group, their other knowledge certainly plays a big part. It’s also important to remember that very quickly into their journey, they will no longer be newbies.

All of American Flyers’ academies are time-tested, tried and strategically planned to prepare you to be a well-equipped pilot.

1-on-1 Custom Programs
If you are looking to get your CFI-I or CFI-A and have specific scheduling needs or want a focused 1-on-1 experience for any type of training, American Flyers can customize a program just for you.

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