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American Flyers Flight School Graduates First Ever Round of American Airlines Cadet Academy Students

American Flyers Flight School Graduates First Ever Round of American Airlines Cadet Academy Students

Fort Worth, Texas, March 20, 2019 – American Flyers and American Airlines partnered up last year to address the growing demand for pilots. Today we celebrate the first group of students that have successfully completed the American Airlines Cadet Academy Program. As the first-of-its-kind program, it was designed to provide the training, financing and mentoring environment that students need to successfully fly for the airlines.

“We are excited to be the first flight school to graduate 13 cadets from such an incredible and industry-changing program. It is our honor to be a part of helping solve the future pilot needs of the airlines. We continue to look forward to using our over 80 Years of flight training experience to help provide the most qualified and safe pilots in the industry,” said Jill Cole, President of American Flyers.
The American Airlines Cadet Academy was designed to provide an opportunity for future pilots to become first officers at one of American’s three wholly owned regional carriers and eventually fly larger aircraft at American Airlines. Once selected, cadets choose to train at one of the four American Airlines partner flight schools while having the option to apply for a loan up to the total cost of the program, including standard living expenses.

After eight months of intensive training from American Airlines’ flight school partner, American Flyers in Dallas, TX and Pompano Beach, FL, students have completed the requirements to take their flight instructor check rides. After their check rides, they will start acquiring the 1,500 hours of flight time required to fly for airlines.

“After years of planning the first American Airlines Cadet Academy we are excited to see our first round of students complete all the requirements necessary in an intensive eight-month program. American Flyers has trained, guided and mentored these students through a program that has equipped them to join the American Airlines family. We are proud of our partner flight school and our students.” David Tatum – Director, Pilot Recruiting & Development for American Airlines

About American Airlines Cadet Academy

Prospective pilots with little or no flight experience can now begin their career track with applying to be a part of the American Airlines Cadet Academy. In the American Airlines Cadet Academy, students are not only trained at one of the select flight schools, but are also paired with an American Airlines (AA) pilot mentor to train them through this vigorous eight-month program.
The financial aspect of training is simplified by our dedicated program lender, Discover® Student Loans. Our program guarantees that after the student completes the requirements, each one will have the opportunity to interview with AA’s three wholly owned regional carriers (Envoy, PSA, and Piedmont).

About American Flyers

Established in Ft. Worth, Texas, in 1939, American Flyers was an airline and flight training facility when they realized that there was a shortage of quality pilots and flight instructors. American Flyers was one of a few civilian flight schools chosen to train military pilots in primary training during WWII. Their training style and success, which gained them credibility with the government during that time, has continued and refined over the years with new advancements in aviation. They are known for private, instrument, commercial, career and finish-up flight training with six locations in the United States.