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A Day in the Commercial Academy

A Day in the Commercial Academy

By Andrew Henley

In the fall of 2012, American Flyers and Nova Southeastern University (NSU) began offering a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services Administration with a concentration in Human Factors in Aviation.

The program is a direct result of the combined efforts of American Flyers and Nova Southeastern University to meet the market demand and growing need within the aviation industry.

This degree program was created 2 years ago in anticipation of the worldwide pilot shortage that is currently taking place within the aviation industry.

One of the greatest benefits of this degree program is the student’s ability to complete their flight training (private, instrument, commercial single and multi-engine, CFIA academy, and CFII academy) during their first year of college. This schedule enables the student to begin working as an instructor during their sophomore year.

Using this format the student can anticipate having a four-year degree, all of their FAA pilot certificates, and 1,500 flight hours at the time of graduation.

Acquiring 1,500 hours is critical considering that last year airlines raised their minimum flight time requirements to 1,500 total flight hours.

Another major benefit to this degree program is the emphasis on human factors as it relates to aviation. From day one, students are taught the fundamentals of what it means to be a safe pilot.