Instrument training is NOT complicated!

Instrument training is a standardized set of procedures and techniques to get you where you need to go, whether in clear or cloudy weather – No more unexpected layovers due to weather. American Flyers has been the Instrument Training Specialist since 1939, and we’ve developed skills and tools to simplify IFR flying – we can get your training completed!

Why train with American Flyers for your Instrument Rating?

  • American Flyers developed many of the techniques for teaching the art of Instrument Flying, much of which is still in use today.
  • Our curriculum is organized and Instructors are standardized to teach the same way, a method that has been proven successful for over 75 years.
  • American Flyers pioneered the use of simulator training for both airline and civilian pilots
  • On-site simulators are available for you to practice in at no additional charge.

An Instrument Rating makes you a better pilot

We’re convinced that an Instrument Rating will make you a better VFR pilot – definitely a safer one – and you’ll discover that it’s much nicer flying above those clouds where the air is calm and the visibility is endless. It all starts with your Instrument Rating.


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Nothing more than a Private Pilot Certificate required

You don’t need to have accumulated hours of experience before embarking on your instrument training; in fact, you can start the day after your Private Pilot Checkride. It is no secret that almost 80% of our Private Pilot graduates come back to American Flyers for their Instrument Rating; they recognize the safety and the added aircraft utilization that being IFR qualified affords them.

Learn on the ground, practice in the air

American Flyers pioneered the use of simulators for IFR training. With a fleet of these aviation training devices in our schools, training starts with the basics in a controlled environment, where low visibility does not halt your training. Classrooms and pause buttons give us the chance to teach the procedures you’ll be using before trying them out in the plane. Think of simulator instruction as learning golf’s fundamentals with a pro before hitting the links, then practicing what you learned on the course. And remember, always keep your eye on the ball.

Pass the FAA Knowledge Test in as little one weekend with American Flyers’ weekend ground school for the Instrument Written.

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