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30-Day CFI-A/CFI-I Academy


The 30-Day CFI Academy is designed to build fundamental knowledge and develop teaching skills. The FAA has already certified that you are a competent commercial and instrument rated pilot; our job is to ensure that you become a well-prepared aviation instructor. We will dedicate 104 hours of academy-style classroom and 10 hours of individual ground instruction to do this. You’ll spend your time in class learning about your responsibilities and privileges as a CFI, regulations, endorsements, teaching techniques, etc. Additional time will be spent daily in a “workshop” to practice teaching, writing lesson plans, honing your skills in the simulator and studying with your classmates. The course includes 14 hours of dual instruction in a Cessna 172 and/or Piper 100i, to prepare you to fly from the right seat while performing private and commercial maneuvers along with IFR approaches, holds, and other procedures.

30-Day CFI-A/CFI-I Academy

Program: 30-Day Course
Price: $6,950 
American Flyers’ Flight and Ground Manuals: $175 + tax

Course Content

  • 104 Hours Classroom Instruction
  • 10 Hours Individual Ground Instruction
  • 14 Hours Dual Cessna 172 or Piper 100i
  • 6 Hours Dual Simulator
  • Unlimited Solo Simulator Access


  • FAA Single Engine Commercial Pilot Certificate with Instrument Rating
    (or Single Engine ATP)
  • Valid FAA Medical Certificate
  • CFI-A Written
  • FOI Written
  • CFI-I Written
  • Spin Endorsement

Are you ready for the CFI Academy?

If you are not proficient with advanced maneuvers such as chandelles, steep turns, or instrument approaches, we recommend you get some practice time in before starting the course. Arriving early or purchasing some additional flight hours as part of the academy can go a long way. If your instrument skills are not where they need to be, you might want to consider a full day of refresher courses such as ground, simulator and flight time with one of our instructors a few days prior to starting.

American Flyers has a philosophy, “Learn in the Simulator and Practice in the Aircraft”, which is why we offer unlimited simulator time. Should you require additional instruction during certain phases of your training, practicing in the simulator can save you both time and money. Our instructors will help you integrate your manual and simulator use to minimize your investment.

Custom Programs

If Academy training does not work for you, American Flyers can custom tailor a training program to suit your needs and schedule. We always start with a free logbook evaluation and develop a syllabus that works with your schedule, learning style and at the pace you want to learn. Speak to one of our experts to learn more.