30-Day CFI Academy


Program: 30-Day Course
Price: $3,995

The 30-Day CFI Academy is designed to build fundamental knowledge and develop teaching skills. The FAA has already certified that you are a competent commercial and instrument rated pilot; our job is to ensure that you become a well-prepared aviation teacher. We will dedicate 120 hours of academy-style classroom and ground instruction to do this. You’ll spend your time in class learning about your responsibilities and privileges as a CFI, regulations, endorsements, teaching techniques, etc. Additional time will be spent daily in a “workshop” to practice teaching, writing lesson plans, honing your skills in the simulator and studying with your classmates. The course includes 10 hours of instruction in a C172 and/or C172RG, to prepare you to fly right seat orientation while performing private and commercial maneuvers along with IFR approaches, holds, and other procedures.

Course Content

  • 120 Hours Classroom
  • 3 Hours Pre/Post Ground
  • 10 Hours Cessna 172/172RG Dual
  • Complimentary Simulator Access

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Are you ready for CFI Academy?

If you are not proficient with advanced maneuvers such as a chandelle, steep turns, or instrument approaches; we recommend you get some practice time in before starting the course. Arriving early or purchasing some additional flight hours as part of the academy can go a long way. If your instrument skills are not where they need to be, you might want to consider a full day of refresher courses; ground, simulator and flight time with one of our instructors a few days prior to starting.

Custom Programs

If academy training does not work for you, American Flyers can custom tailor a training program to suit your needs and schedule.  We always start with a free logbook evaluation and develop a syllabus that works with your schedule, learning style and at the pace you want to learn.

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