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Brian Unger

Flight Training Testimonials

Kim Unger’s stories about flying must have made an impression on her son, Brian, because when he was offered a ride by a neighbor he jumped at it. Sure enough, mom was right. Flying was great. “It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be”, he said. After realizing that learning to land wasn’t so difficult, Brian thought, “Hmmm, I can do this.” That’s when he knew that he wanted to be a professional pilot – an airline pilot to be exact.

Brian is enrolled in the career program, having earned his Private and Instrument Rating. He’s considering joining the CFI Academy when he gets his Commercial Certificate. He’s planning to instruct while attending college. Right now, though, he’s enjoying building his cross-country time. He recently ferried an American Flyers airplane to Morristown, New Jersey with an instructor for an aircraft swap.

Through all of his exciting, new experiences, Brian hasn’t forgotten the person he inherited his passion from. His mom was the first person he took flying and she still loved it.

Brian U.