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Ross Peet

Flight Training Testimonials

I must tell you that my experience was absolutely fantastic. The attention to my individual learning, the flexibility of scheduling and the intelligence of the instructors made my lessons simply amazing. The bottom line is this. The value of any organization is based on the intellectual capital of the individuals that make up that organization. You have many individuals working in your office with a high amount of intellectual capital.

While I never took any lessons with Mark Bennett I did however have fairly constant contact with him throughout the last ten months. He was extremely cognizant of the fact that I am basically chained to my desk throughout the week and also have a very busy schedule on the weekends. He also realizes that I am doing this completely for my own pleasure, and given that fact that it is meant to be FUN. In short Mark completely comprehends all aspects of your business. He understands that you are not only teaching people how to fly, but you are also running a business with customers who have many different needs and that these needs should not be under estimated and need to be met.

Consider yourselves lucky to have such talent working for you.

Ross P.