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Robert G. Scott

Flight Training Testimonials

A large portion of my flying time has been with instructors as I worked through programs of private, commercial and instrument training at recognized flight schools including Florida Institute of Technology and Perdue University . Recently I came to American Flyers to retool my skills and complete my instrument rating.

The time I spent with Jacob Lyndon was the shortest and most productive instruction I have ever received. Mr. Lyndon is a very effective teacher who has been able to effectively share his tremendous practical knowledge. As a result, I believe that I am a far better and safer pilot and am able to perform well above the basic requirements for the difficult instrument rating. This opinion is shared by the FAA Flight Examiner who tested me before and after my American Flyer training.

I would not hesitate for a moment to highly recommend American Flyers to any discriminating pilot who is seeking excellent and professional flight training.

Robert S.