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Troy Gryga

Flight Training Testimonials

Air Force Officer Troy Gryga earned his Private Pilot certificate on a recent Friday afternoon and by following Monday morning he was reporting to Randolph Air Force Base for Navigator training. The aircraft he is training in is the T-43, a modified B-737.

Troy has been in the military for 6 years and plans on remaining with them indefinitely. He loves the work and the camaraderie he enjoys with his fellow servicemen. His face is alive with enthusiasm and confidence when he talks about the Air Force and one is left with no doubt to the success of his future.

When he was 14 years old, Troy had the opportunity to take a Young Eagles flight in a Van’s RV-6 experimental aircraft. He was hooked for life! Troy earned a degree in aviation from SIU and he sells jet engines when he’s not in active duty. He and his father are building an RV-6A, a two-seat, single-engine, tricycle gear aircraft. They figure it will take 2 years to build and they’re both looking forward to the day they can soar the sky together.

Troy G.