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Ana Beltran

Flight Training Testimonials

Having entered the world of aviation as a gate agent for Lufthansa and KLM Airlines, Ana Beltran caught the flying bug and eventually shifted into a career as a flight attendant. She discovered that she loves airplanes and the airline industry. When the captain or first officer needs to leave the cockpit, another member of crew has to come up and sit in the empty seat. Ana realized how great the view is from the cockpit – definitely something one could get used to! Now she has decided she wants to move up to the front of the airplane permanently.

Ana took a year of leave to become a pilot. She regrets that she didn’t know of American Flyers right away, because it took her 5 months to earn her Private Pilot certificate, where it could have taken ten days instead. Training is so hard for ExpressJet, that American Flyers structure has been a good preparation for her. On October 1st Ana has to return to Continental Express either as a flight attendant or as a commercial pilot with 500 hours of flight experience. We are confident that Ana will be a first officer in no time!

Ana B.