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Lee Binder

Flight Training Testimonials

Dear David,

I wanted to take a moment to tell you about the experience I had at the Fort Lauderdale, Florida, American Flyers Location. Of course, I could tell you how wonderful the entire support staff at that location were or I could tell you about the high level of readiness each and every aircraft was kept in. But I won’t because that’s not what this letter is about.

What’s important is Jason Foreman. Jason consistently went out of his way and effort to help me get thru my INSTRUMENT TRAINING. He was able to take ten years of VFR flying and all the bad habits I had and mold them into a proficient Instrument pilot in an extremely short order of time.

His professionalism and attention to detail have convinced me that American Flyers is where I should spend my time working on my commercial, CFI and CFII. Hopefully I will have Jason as my instructor for those courses as well.

I just thought you should know that Jason Foreman is a great instructor as well as your best salesman. He did what you promised, he would do, while making me feel I received, a great value on my flight training funds.

Thanks again for your Fantastic STAFF!

Lee Binder

Lee B.