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Jennifer Renee Melvin

Flight Training Testimonials

I would just like to extend my gratitude to you, and all of the instructors there at American Flyers. I started out flying elsewhere, and after burning through thousands of dollars, and getting nowhere, I got frustrated and quit. I was referred to American Flyers by a friend of mine, and decided to look into it. After meeting with you and Chris, I was sure that this was the way I was going to get through my training. You guys worked with me, and got me through my private. Everyone was incredibly patient, professional, and knowledgeable – a far cry from where I came from.

I worked with John Keating quite a bit for my private, and some of my instrument. He was wonderful. He made me feel good about every flight, good or bad, and always kept me motivated – his love for aviation really comes across in his teaching.

Should I choose to continue my flight training in the future, I know that American Flyers will be my first and only choice. I will also be referring you whole heartedly to my frustrated student pilot friends.

Jennifer M.