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Ron Cavanaugh

Flight Training Testimonials

When Ron Cavanaugh was a little boy he lived a half mile from a private airport. He’d go over there to help out just so he could be around the airplanes. “When I grow up,” he told himself, “I’m going to be a pilot.”

Once grown, though, Ron followed another calling, that of educator. He served as the Vice President for Undergraduate Studies at Syracuse University until he stepped down recently to return to the classroom. While he never forgot his dream to fly, it always seemed to find its way down the list of life’s priorities until 2006, when Ron’s daughter and son-in-law gave him an IntroFlight as a gift. The dream was reignited and he earned his Private Pilot certificate.

A grandfather four times over, Ron has just earned his Instrument Rating because he wants to be a safer pilot as he flies those beautiful kids around. He has an eager passenger in his wife, Judy, who loves going places with him.

Ron discovered a bonus to being a pilot. “I’ve met a lot of nice people associated with aviation. I enjoy talking aviation and weather with other pilots. They are delightful,” he says. “Meeting these concerned and caring people makes me feel very positive!”

Ron C.