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David D. Hartman

Flight Training Testimonials

As my time winds down here at the CFI Academy , I just wanted to take the time to say thank you. Thank you to Randy, Jill, Tim, Pete, Ace and all the instructors who not only worked with us, but took the time to check in on us, give us advice or just extend a friendly smile and greeting. The last one was the one that has helped me the most.

While that has been helpful, here is the best part – the education that I have received has been even better! In the years I have been flight training, I have seen different techniques in different schools, and by far, what I have seen here at American Flyers is superior to the rest. I have learned much, not only about aviation, but about myself, putting me in a great position to be a good teacher. For that I thank you. I wish you and all the staff continued good fortune and much success. Keep up the good work!

David H.