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Daniel Patrick Dietzler, P.E

Flight Training Testimonials

I want to thank the entire staff at American Flyers for your assistance and training, which enabled me to obtain my private pilot’s certificate. As you may recall, it was about four months ago that I signed up for a few lessons just to gain some more knowledge about travel in small airplanes into small airports. I wanted to learn more about flying in chartered airplanes into small airports to visit jobs and clients. Also, I wanted to learn more about weather and the decision-making process regarding when it is safe to fly.

I fell in love with piloting and I enjoy the many people I have met in the process of training. While I don’t intend to make this another profession, I am very comfortable and confident that traveling by small aircraft is safe and economical way for me and my fellow engineers to save time when getting out to see clients and jobs.

As an added benefit, I found the communication and decision-making skills and continuous learning approach that are stressed at American Flyers to be very much in line with the attitudes we stress among our professional staff at Patrick Engineering. I would encourage others to take the time to go through your program whether they want to learn to fly or whether they just want to be more confident and knowledgeable about travel in small planes. Thank you again, and all the best to your entire staff.

Daniel P.