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Brian Tancos

Flight Training Testimonials

Sincere and heartfelt thanks to your staff. When I first started looking at facilities to get my instrument rating, the choices were as numerous as the prices. From checking with fellow pilots, the reputation of American Flyers is second to none and I can see why.

From the first contact with you to finishing my instrument rating your staff has always been top notch. Today I can honestly say I not only have an instrument rating, but I have the knowledge and confidence to know in the unfortunate case that I do encounter a problem, I already have seen, heard or know how to handle it. As one of your other instructors told me, “We don’t want to graduate people with an instrument ticket, we want to graduate instrument rated pilots”. This says a lot for your team.

Once again thank you, and should anyone wonder where to get flight training, American Flyers will be the first name I mention.

Brian T.