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Antonio O. Kinch

Flight Training Testimonials

Hi Mike,

Just wanted to tell you that I completed my training successfully, and that I enjoyed my stay at the Pompano Beach location. All of the staff (whether flying or on the ground) were very helpful and guided me accordingly throughout the course. The ground training was absolutely amazing and I’ve learned so much that I hope to pass on to my students in the near future.

These guys deserve some praise for the hard work and dedication that they do daily. I have nothing but great things to say about them and I will  definitely be referring any new business to the Pompano location if the chance arises.

So Mike, thank you for all the information and steps you provided from the beginning to the end of this short but richly rewarding journey.

I will never forget American Flyers, and the guys that made me feel comfortable and welcomed at Pompano! Many Thanks!!


Antonio O. Kinch

Antonio K.