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Joe Pavela

Flight Training Testimonials

Air National Guardsman Aims High
Joe Pavela, Jr. recently completed is Instrument Rating in a beautiful red Cessna Cutlass which has been a part of his family since before he was born! Joe’s dad is a long time pilot and couldn’t be happier that his son possesses the passion as well. When he was around 10, his dad let him start flying the airplane. Soloing in his own airplane a few years later is a special memory for him. So was one of their favorite family trips was to Montana. They landed on a mountain strip and, geared up in their backpacks, they jumped right out of the airplane to hike. Joe’s mom and younger sister love to be passengers.
Joe had a few days to finish up his Instrument Rating before heading off to Luke Air Force Base in Phoenix, Arizona to obtain training for his intelligence job with the Air National Guard. He’ll be heading back to Iraq in the fall, but come next spring, Joe plans to apply for a flying slot so he can live his dream of flying the F-16. Joe’s job is to interface with the pilots so they have all of the information they need to make the mission. When he talks about his work, you can see he loves what he does. No matter where his flying career leads him, Joe plans to be a part of the Air National Guard, flying F-16s out of Madison, Wisconsin’s 115th Fighter Wing.

Joe P.