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Philip A. Carnevale

Flight Training Testimonials

Dear American Flyers,

A long time ago when I achieved my Private Pilot Certificate, the examiner congratulated me and said, “Now you have a certificate to learn and gain experience.” I admit that my immediate interpretation at that time didn’t reflect a fraction of the knowledge and experience I possess today.

As I write this letter to you and all of your staff, I would like to point out that the aforementioned experience to which I referred, also includes the people we cross paths with in aviation circles, and the effect they have on our lives.

During my attendance at the American Flyers CFI Academy from July 17 to August 15, 2003 , I gained a tremendous amount of flying knowledge and experience. However, I departed the Academy with one additional bonus, if I may, and that is my impression of the genuine Professionalism and Authenticity on the part of your staff. Their dedication to instruct and willingness to communicate their vast knowledge base in a stylish, diplomatic and congenial manner, deserves to be recognized as ‘Outstanding.’


Philip C.

Philip C.