Todd Nealey

I recently received my private pilot’s certificate from your FBO in Santa Monica, California. I feel compelled to convey how thrilled I was with my overall experience while achieving one of my lifelong goals. The administration and personnel at American Flyers fully embody the genuine spirit of flight: soaring above and beyond. From the aircraft mechanics to the chief pilot, a professional and positive demeanor was ever present. While safety always came first, the team at American Flyers created a fun and relaxed atmosphere that made every flight or ground lesson an enjoyable experience. Incredibly, even tests were a pleasant occurrence.

I would like to personally thank three outstanding individuals on director Jay Elder’s team, who contributed greatly to my success. Scott Gibb is a topnotch ground school instructor, who made his classes both enlightening and enjoyable. Travis Ring is not only a superior instructor, but also a tremendously ambitious pilot. He pushed me each and every day, while constantly reminding me about the joy of flight. Allie Ermel’s unmistakable organizational skills and dynamic attitude kept the front office running smoothly. It is my distinct honor and pleasure to recommend American Flyers to anyone who dreams of taking to the skies. My experience remains one of the true highlights of my life.

Thank you, American Flyers!