Adam Khan

On his journey to discover his passion, Adam Khan often chose paths full of adventure. After high school he enrolled in pre-med, following the cultural expectations of his background. He struggled with it and decided pre-med wasn’t the right choice for him. So he followed the footsteps of his cousin and joined the U.S. Air Force at age 19, working 14 hour days on the flight line in Alaska at minus 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Though many would have considered those conditions a challenge, Adam considered the experience an adventure. It contributed to the man he has grown to be.

Eventually he went back to college and earned a double major in Business and Sociology. As he was looking into working on his MBA, Adam thought flight school sounded like another exciting adventure. He enrolled in a large school, but found it to be disorganized. After looking into other options he decided on American Flyers. “Don’t waste time at a gimmicky school,” he advised. “American Flyers is structured and got me finished up quickly with a good education.” Adam is now halfway through his Instrument training.

Adam’s family is very proud of him – he’s the first pilot in a long line of doctors and IT managers. His long-term goal is to fly for United Arab Emirates Airline. Then his dream will be fulfilled. What some people may consider challenges, Adam Khan considers adventure.