Scott Tezak

Pilot Plans to Travel the Globe

Scott Tezak’s interest in flying was sparked when he was a Junior in High School. His friend’s girlfriend’s dad took them all up for a flight in a C-172. Scott begged his parents to take flying lessons. They said, “No. You need a plan.” Young and adventurous and holding a wide-open future in his hands, he outlined what he needed to do in order to live out his dream of travelling the world using aviation as his tool. He recently finished his instructor ratings and was hired to teach at American Flyers. After a summer of full-time instructing, Scott plans to teach part-time and attend Rock Valley College to get his A & P license. Once he is a certified aircraft mechanic he plans to do some bush flying in Alaska. Then he’ll head across the globe to Australia. He plans to spend 2-3 years at each location as he travels around the world.

For his first flight after he earned his Private Pilot certificate, he took up his buddy, also named Scott, and a couple of girls from High School. Taking girls flying has done wonders for their social lives. “We’ve taken tons of girls flying. We go out to eat a lot!” He says with a mischievous grin. Parents – beware of these two charming Scotts!