Keith Ovitt

Imagine landing your airplane gently onto the glassy water of a lake, taxiing up to your dock, tying the dock lines, grabbing your overnight bag and walking the short distance to your front door. Keith Ovitt has wanted to fly a seaplane for a long time. To tie it up at the dock in front of his lake house is the caveat.

Keith has taken a two-week break from his flight training schedule to go to the Glasair Aviation factory in Arlington, Washington where he is building his airplane, the Glasair Sportsman 2+2, a single-engine, 4-seat airplane similar to a C-182. After the airplane is complete, Keith will have to fulfill the FAA requirements for airworthiness certification.

The Ovitt family includes 16 year old Keegan, 19 year old Kalie and wife Vicki. The kids enjoy bringing their friends to the lake house for boating, skiing and general hanging out. Vicki and Keith enjoy entertaining and relaxing. The new airplane will bring an exciting element to their experience this summer.