John R. Ash

Last Thursday my Mom suffered an acute cardiac event while vacationing in Myrtle Beach , SC. I could not get a commercial flight into Myrtle Beach anytime on Friday, so I opted to fly myself. Most will agree that flying while under this type of stress is not recommended, but 24 years as a Paramedic tends to give you a good foundation to handle about any situation. Besides, she was not critically ill. I did my flight planning Thursday night and reviewed it again Friday morning when I decided to launch. I flew roughly 1000 miles (round trip), landed at uncontrolled fields, navigated around the PHL and DCA airspace plus all of the other restricted areas without incident. I returned home safely about two hours ago, and landed in some pretty stiff crosswinds.

I must thank your facility and Jim for giving me the education and experience to make this trip possible. My Mom was discharged yesterday and is doing well. I am just thankful for having undergone my training with your facility and Jim. I doubt that I would have had the confidence if I were trained locally. I am forever thankful. (and so is my Mom)

I now have an additional 11 hours of cross country PIC time to add to my experience. Hope to see you in the fall for IFR training.