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Featured STAFF MEMBER: Christian Manicki

Featured STAFF MEMBER: Christian Manicki

Christian Manicki was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but he was mainly raised in Fountain Hills, Arizona. From there, he moved to Honolulu, Hawaii, to attend the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He currently resides in Houston, Texas, where he is a part of the administrative sponsorship program.

Growing up, his parents were employed by Rockwell where they worked on various types of aircraft. Being exposed to airplanes from a young age, Christian always wanted to be a pilot. After graduating from college, he decided to take a leap and pursue his dream. He began working for American Flyers in August of 2021, and he has been an incredible employee ever since.

Christian is a hard worker both in the office and in the airplane. He is meticulous, well studied, and has a passion for his craft. Asked what his favorite memory has been thus far, he said: “Passing my commercial checkride and seeing all the hard work and dedication pay off!”

After Christian completes his sponsorship program, he hopes to continue working with American Flyers as a CFI. When he’s not working or flying, Christian enjoys golfing, swimming, working out, playing video games, and cooking.

According to Cristal Amerson, the Houston school director for American Flyers, Christian is very personable and has exceptional customer service skills. His positive attitude is infectious, and he connects with every student and staff member, keeping them laughing and making them feel valuable. He has proven to be a vital part of the team and a dedicated student. American Flyers is very proud of all that he has accomplished and looks forward to his interview when he obtains his CFI-I certificate in the next couple of months.

Christian, thank you for all that you do for American Flyers. You are an incredible asset, and we look forward to having you work with our students once you complete your CFI certifications!