An Unforgettable Flight to Mexico

American Flyers Bonanza
My Introduction to Corporate Flying By Mike Forth Dateline 1974... I was the company pilot for a wholesale lumber company. It was a partnership between two super salesmen: one wanting nothing to do with the airplane, the other wanting me to teach him to fly. Different as they were, they were the best when it [...] Read More

Interview with Jared Reading

Jared Reading

By Pilot’s Digest Pilot’s Digest: Tell us a little about yourself? (Background info – who are you, what do you do) Jared Reading: Married 21 years, father of 4.  Diagnostics and Interventional Radiologist in the town of Uvalde, Texas.  My wife and I also own and operate Shotgun CrossFit. PD: Tell us how you went […]

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Doc Elliott, A Cornerstone of American Flyers

Doc Elliott

By the American Flyers Family In the fall of 1969, American Flyers was forever changed for the better, for it was on this day that Harlan “Doc” Elliott joined our team. Since what may feel like the dawn of American Flyers’ time, Doc has been as much a part of American Flyers as the Cessna […]

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Why Should I Get a Commercial Pilot Certificate?

Commercial Pilot

By Tim Genc The other day, I was proudly congratulating a student on the completion of his Instrument Rating. “Let’s talk about the commercial,” I said. The student quickly replied that he was not interested in a career in aviation, and that for him flying was just for recreational purposes. “I don’t need a commercial,” […]

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What’s In Your Flight Bag

What's in Your Bag

By Kasey King Aviators: So people know that I am a pilot. Stratux: Home-made unit to supply foreflight with in flight traffic and weather. Combos: Snacks, because one should never fly hungry. iPad: Supplied with foreflight for all current charts. Highlighter Tape: For paper sectional/low enroute to highlight my route of flight. It saves time when trying to […]

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Are You Ready for ADS-B?


By Rick Farmer, National Head of Maintenance Are you aware of the major changes to the National Airspace System that are currently underway? ADS-B or Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast will soon be replacing radar as the primary surveillance method for controlling aircraft worldwide. It is currently mandatory equipment for aircraft operating in Australia and some […]

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Becoming a Pilot

Become a Pilot

BY TIM GENC For those of us who love airplanes, we know that flying can be for anyone who has a passion for aviation. We also know that it takes skill, dedication, the right mindset and attitude of an early explorer, and an adventurer’s spirit. It takes quick thinking and the ability to divide your […]

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