Private Multiengine

Add your Multiengine Rating to your Single Engine Instrument Rating or VFR Multiengine Certificate with our 3-4 day course.

Commercial Multiengine

If you already have your FAA Single Engine Commercial Pilot Certificate you can add your Multiengine Rating in as little as 3 days.

Multiengine Instructor

Add your MEI to your Flight Instructor Certificate in as little as 4 days.

Multiengine Training & Aircraft

Cessna 310 and DA-42

Regardless of whether you want to earn your Multiengine Rating in a heavy and fast twin such as the Cessna 310 or in a G-1000 twin such as the DA-42, American Flyers has you covered.

The Cessna 310 is perhaps one of the best and most popular Multiengine aircraft in use today.  Typically used as a personal and or corporate aircraft, the 310 is an ideal airplane for our Multiengine program.  It is a very stable, big and heavy training aircraft that offers the pilot experience in complex systems, high performance flying as well as high altitude training.  All Cessna 310 multiengine training is offered at the American Flyers’ facility in Pompano Beach, Florida.

The DA-42 L-360 aircraft used by American Flyers, are the most technologically advanced multiengine training aircraft in the industry today.  Complete with a G-1000 avionics suite and composite aircraft, they offer the student the latest in technology and safety.  With a maximum cruising speed of 180 knots and a service ceiling of 18,000 feet, the DA-42 is an excellent and versatile training aircraft.  All DA-42 multiengine training is offered at the American Flyers’ facility in Dallas, TX.

  • American Flyers offers an FAA approved FAR 141 Multi Engine program that assures the highest quality training possible.  
  • The CE310R has over 500 Horsepower (285 HP/side) that will set you back in your seat on takeoff and climb out at a rate close to 2,000 feet per minute.   
  • Since the aircraft has greater than 200 HP, you will receive a High Performance and Complex Endorsement during your training.  This will enable you to fly any aircraft greater than 200 HP that does not require a type rating.
  • Even if you are not ready for your Multi Engine rating, you can still fly the CE310 in a compact program to earn just the Complex and/or High Performance endorsement while experiencing the thrill of flying an incredible airplane.
  • For those of you that have a goal of Corporate or Airline flying, the CE310R is well known and respected in the industry.     

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